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The Ladder is a teleconference club for single Jewish women aged 23-49 seeking personal and spiritual growth in order to expand their vessel to receive the blessing of marriage. The Ladder is taught by Sara Yoheved Rigler. The group meets once a week via a one-hour teleconference, which consists of an interactive, workshop-style lesson and the assignment of a daily exercise to practice.

The principles, concepts, and exercises of the The Ladder are Torah-based. The curriculum begins with acquiring the traits of gratitude, joy, and true self-esteem, thus eliminating depression, worry, and all negative mind states.

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Here are what current members of The Ladder are saying:

A new group begins the week of Aug. 18. The weekly teleconference will be held on Sundays at 10 AM EDT, 5 PM Israel time, 3 PM London time.

All meetings will be recorded and can be accessed later by telephone. Membership is limited to the first 30 women who register.

Membership: $130 for 10 sessions.

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